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CBS's - Madam Secretary chooses Kelly Sullivan's art work to dress set.Set designer Sheila Bock chose nine of Kelly Sullivan's paintings to dress the set of CBS's new political drama "Madam Secretary".  Kelly's work is gracing the walls of the leading lady's Georgetown apartment.  "I'm so flattered that Sheila chose my work to represent the personal taste of such a great character(!) and to know that Tea Leoni and her fellow cast members will be seeing my work on the set is exciting.  The new show airs on CBS, Sunday evenings at 8PM, beginning on September 21st.

What's on the easel?


Toni Tru, videographer for the Mighty Fingers Facing Change project, took footage of Kelly while painting a portrait of Serge in Port au Prince, Haiti. She has sped it up and here is a time lapse of the process.

Life in the fast lane

28 N Union Street,

The 'Other' Third floor of The Peoples Store

Lambertville, NJ.

The studio is often open and visitors are always welcome.

“…she captured the essence of a young girl lost in her own private thoughts, her long auburn hair caught in the gentle breeze.”

The Times, August 2013

"Aidan" a highly personal oil portrait by artist Kelly Sullivan, won Honorable Mention for Portraiture at the prestigious Oil Painters of America National Exhibition.

Home News Tribune, June 2014

Kelly is headed to Atlanta to Join CDM Group at the American Institute of Architects Convention in May of 2015.  Together attendees will help create a FingerSmear that will be donated to Covenant House as part of the AEC Cares Renovation Project Atlanta.

The latest FingerSmears™ from
 Kelly Sullivan Fine Art Studio.


28 N Union Street,

Third Floor of

The People's Store

Lambertville, New Jersey






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