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Spurts. My life runs in them. Fast – slow, sad – happy, well – sick, rich – poor… rarely a modicum of consistency, rarely a

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The Wish List

I believed that Santa himself made The Sears & Roebucks Christmas catalog and that he filled its pages with the stock from his workshop. Although

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Cows. I used to drive by them every day in Idaho and aside from their poop smeared backsides, I always found them oddly beautiful. Same

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Rooftop painting in Haiti

I love traveling with a videographer… In Haiti painting Serge at a rooftop atilier. Comments Success Leave a Comment Name (required) Email Address (required) Website/Blog

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Chutzpa – my dictionary defines it as “shameless audacity” but I have a slightly different view. When I was young, someone told me I had

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