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NJ Outdoor Adventures

So fun to have my van featured on NJ Outdoor Adventures! Over 20,000 views in just a couple of days, and some fun comments too. Thank you Patrick – you are a great host and made this fun and easy.

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Grow My Mojo

Its 22 degrees in Hackettstown and I’m snuggled in.  The furnace is blowing in my big ass van and I’m under a wool blanket that my sister left after one of our adventures. 

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A Liquor Store!? Yes, it is so.

My husband is smart, kind, and tenacious.  He also enjoys beer, wine, and bourbon… in that order.  I’ve joined in often over our nearly 25 years together.  I also make a stink about it sometimes.

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Put it Down and Dance

I’m going to dance for a bit.  Be grateful that both of my knees work again, that my desire for beauty is still strong, that I can feel the music fully in my body, that I can envision color, that I have had a good meal, and that today… today, I got to paint. 

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Lessons with Jim

I had a private painting lesson this week with a fellow who wanted to paint from an old photo of his daughter. The photograph itself presented so many obstacles that copying it would never result in a solid painting.

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30 Years

How do the next 30 years play out, assuming I’m ‘lucky’ enough to live as long as my father did. He died in June from

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