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Collaborative Art

Individual Talents Come Together to Create the Bigger Picture

For more than 25 years, I have been creating customized pieces of collaborative art for clients around the world. Whether at live or virtual events, all are designed to amplify the message of each client and they created with a focus on collaboration and quality (and we always have fun too).

Kelly Sullivan - Collaborative Art
Each piece is unique and guaranteed to wow participants. Possibilities are nearly endless … I always enjoy working with Kelly and her team.
Sven Ebinger, Director of Marketing

I’ve had over 100,000 people stick their fingers in paint to add their mark on my collaborative FingerSmears, including the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Harrison Ford, Willem deFoe and a slew of professional athletes.  FingerSmears have been commissioned to commemorate the US Open, The National Walk for Epilepsy, and the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations.  In this collection, I share some of my favorite projects over the last quarter century. 

You brought creativity, passion and guidance in our FingerSmear team painting. It leaves us with a colorful piece of art that brings back these intense moments of joy and cohesion. It was more than a true pleasure to have you amongst us!
Minerva Cortens, PMO
Johnson & Johnson

Paint.Team is the digital version of a FingerSmear. Software entrepreneur, Doug Moreland and I partnered to bring finger painting into the 21st century by creating a highly customizable collaborative painting application. We’ve used this fun technology to bring together dispersed world-wide teams, as well as in classrooms and on trade show floors.  We are using this technology in the Arts in Healing sector to enhance the life experience for a variety of patient populations.  You can jump in and join our Love From Lambertville project right here.

Mighty Fingers Facing Change

Mighty Fingers Facing Change is a global collaboration among adolescent girls and the organizations that work to support them. We use the arts to inspire, empower, and connect the next generation of change-makers, ultimately leading to strengthened communities on a local and global level.  It has been my extreme pleasure to produce this program in over 19 locations thus far. We are working to bring Mighty Fingers Facing Change to South America and Australia before producing a culminating exhibition of art, video, and voices from participating girls around the world.

"The Mighty Fingers Facing Change Project gave our girls an opportunity to express their voices through art and feel empowered and responsible to make their mark on the world. The feedback from the day was immensely positive and the girls are noticeably more bonded after this experience. Thank you, Kelly! "
Jaclyn Bajzath, Principal
High Mountain Road School, Franklin Lakes, NJ
Collaborative Portraiture

Words, images, material, and various elements contributed by the sitter (or by colleagues, family, and friends) to create a truly collaborative and wildly interesting portrait. I’m completely hooked. These can be created in a small group, in the studio, or at your corporate event. Highly personalized, uncommonly fun, and slightly left of center with thought provoking results.

Engaging and Inspiring Teams Worldwide

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