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My world translated in paint, for over two decades.

Works Currently Available

I’ve been working with textured surfaces recently. I’m enjoying the unpredictability of a hand plastered ground and the edges it creates. Colors drag over an uneven surface and leave traces of pigment in unexpected places. The surface removes any temptation to add unnecessary details. It’s all about forms of light and dark and color.  I have some mixed-media portraiture in the works too. Holy smokes it is fun!

Selected Archived Oil Paintings

When I made the transition from acrylic paint to oil paint, I struggled. Everything I painted turned to mud. I realized that the complexity I ached for would not be found by switching mediums. I needed to understand value, composition, line, form, texture, edges… I sought out painters whose work I admired. I began collecting books and bits of knowledge anywhere I could find it.  This collection is a few of my favorites from over the years, with a bit about how they came to be.

Early Works

I wanted to go to art school more than anything. My father wanted me to be a nurse.  Something reasonable, and stable, none of which I had much interest in. I lacked some technique, but I was as bold and tenacious as a girl could get. Hutzpah led me to travel the world and paint some of my favorite icons. My rock and roll portraiture hung in a small group show at Ambassador Galleries in NY, alongside Ronnie Wood and Jerry Garcia. In this collection I share a few of my old favorite.