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Collaborative Art with Kelly Sullivan


“Fine artist Kelly Sullivan believes that the experience of artmaking should be shared. And she’s busy with all sorts of projects to make sure that happens. She will discuss her large-scale FingerSmears® projects,  an online community painting project, as well as her plans to redevelop the Strand Theatre in Lambertville into an art space.” January 2021. Art Talk.


New Jersey Artist Is Transforming Finger-Friendly Art Into Collaborative Digital Creations.

New Jersey Artist Is Transforming Finger-Friendly Art Into Collaborative Digital Creations. The old masters never looked so modern. A Delaware Valley artist is transforming her craft for the 21st century.

By Jan Carabeo.  CBS Morning Show. May 31, 2018 at 7:47 am

Bucks County Magazine

Artist Kelly Sullivan admits she has a restless nature. She’s tended bar, ran a cafe with her husband in Idaho, drove 14 hours to get a blues legend’s autograph and almost sank on a boat in China sneaking into a botanical garden. Throughout it all, she has captured her experiences in paint and inspired others through her collaborative art for more than 20 years.–garden/kelly-sul/


Makin Waves with Hunterdon Painter Kelly Sullivan. My Central Jersey

“Besides the influence of Chuck Berry and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, what do Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones have in common?  Lambertville-based artist Kelly Sullivan, whose FingersSmears collaborations with them and other celebrities put her on the art world’s map.”

Finger Friendly Creations

“Sullivan began smearing in the early 1990s after moving from Spring Lake to San Francisco to pursue a career as an artist. She launched an interactive arts festival and wanted to offer a hands-on painting experience. She went with fingers-on instead, presenting the first iteration of FingerSmears—a way to make collaborative paintings with a single canvas and no brushes.” NJ Monthly. August, 2017


Lambertville Artist Lends Gravitas to Madame Secretary Set

By Linda Arntzenius

Situated on the western flank of New Jersey, the picturesque town of Lambertville draws art lovers from both sides of the Delaware River. The town itself and the bucolic landscapes that surround it feature in the work of numerous artists displayed in the town’s many private galleries.

Kelly Sullivan’s studio is located three floors up above The Peoples Store at 28 North Union Street. The studio has its own entrance round the corner on Church Street and those who make the climb discover a bright airy space filled with scenes of the river valley. Full article here:


Lambertville artist’s work decorates set home of ‘Madame Secretary’ Tea Leoni on CBS

By Renée Kiriluk-Hill | For

More than 12 million people saw pieces by Lambertville artist Kelly Sullivan on Sunday. You were one of them, if you watched the new CBS drama “Madame Secretary,” starring Tea Leoni.

Sullivan was excited to spot on a recent show four of the nine works chosen for the Washington, D.C. “home” of the fictional Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord, which she shares with her religion professor husband (Tim Daly) and two children.

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