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Selected Archived Oil Paintings
The Canal at Coryell
The Big Sycamore
Through the Trees to Stockton Bridge
Union Coffee
Morning at Spring Creek Farm
Cane Farm
Washington Crossing Footbridge
The Leaf King
Blue Raccoon on Coryell
York and Union
Dusk on the Canal at Coryell
Sun on George Street
The Strand Waits
Midnight Sweets
Woolly Bully
Wakefern 75
Day Break at Seal Cove
Colors On The Canal
Clouds Over Teton River
Sun on Lewis Island
The Bee Keeper
Rice Harvest
Water Lilies
Little Drummer Boy
Old Man Winter
Maine Coast
Fog in the Cove
Tools of the Master
Tetonia Morning Sun
Wyoming Sky
Marsh Past Langs Marina
Under the Tarps
The Belly Dancer
The Actor
Barbed Wire