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Broken Bones and Big Skies

Our 20 year old boy came for a visit, he did.
Playing with his phone, down the steps he slid.
Well, tumbled perhaps more accurate to say.
At the bottom he landed, crushing three vertebrae.

The ambulance came and swept him to trauma.
Due to Covid, alone he went, without his mama.
He’s getting stronger and will be braced for weeks.
But all is well, because his limbs work, and he still speaks.

Upside down the world’s been for a while.
But I feel incredibly lucky to see my boy smile.
Out West we’re headed to bring him back home,
Under the Big Skies, he’ll slowly and carefully roam.

Soon he’ll be dancing and rebuilding his core,
Then skiing off cliffs and begging for more.
I’ll bring my paints, and a good book or two
And I’ll send out new works to all of you.

I’ll take this time to study well.
To produce meaningful work, that hopefully, I can sell.
Beauty still matters, when uncertainty rules.
If your space needs a lift, here are some tools.

Enter code Strand2020 when you buy some art
And 25% will come off your entire cart!
This is a short run sale to get me through the hitch
Ensuring my dreams stay out of the ditch.

I’ll wrap up by saying thank you for reading this through,
For following my art and finding beauty in it too.
I hope you and those you love are well.
I hope the sun comes out tomorrow, and we all have good stories to tell.


3 Responses to Broken Bones and Big Skies

Love this poem and always your heart.

Posted by Susan Tew · via · 22 months ago

Hi Kelly, wishing Liam a speedy recovery, and you a safe trip to get him back. Warm regards, Karen

Posted by Karen Naim · via · 22 months ago

Lovely poem about Liam’s accident…Sounds awful but glad to learn he is not paralyzed. Close Call. Looking forward to viewing your latest work. Stay well. Richard and Susan

Posted by Richard Blue and Susan Holloran · via · 22 months ago


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