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Kelly Sullivan
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A Life of Inspiration and Adventure

I believe the experience of making art should be shared, and that life should be an adventure. I challenge my own creative process by taking opportunities to travel, laugh, and experience new people and cultures whenever I can. I work to create more beauty while I’m alive on this incredible planet. I was not given the opportunity of a formal arts education, but my life experience has filled my palette and my portfolio with enough color to span the globe. I hope you enjoy the way I interpret the world around me, and that it brings some richness to your day.

I’m experimenting with small sketches in gouache and wildly colorful small works I’m calling ART BOARDS made with acrylic paint pens. My studio will be a mobile one for little while as I continue to travel and explore the looseness and fun of these mediums.  Eventually, I will settle back into the studio, but for now – adventure and beauty will have my full focus. Please see my instagram for regular updates. 

From early works, to classic oils, to experimental art. Browse collections and see what’s fresh off the easel.  ART BOARDS of sporting icons, animals with attitude, and pop art. Gouache sketches and classical oils. 

For more than 25 years, I have been creating customized pieces of collaborative art for clients around the world. Whether at live or virtual events, all are designed to amplify the message of each client. Collaborative portraits, interactive FingerSmear paintings, and digital Paint Team projects accessible from around the world. See my collaborative art page and imagine the possibilities for you event. 

My working studio is currently on the “other” 3rd floor above the Peoples Antique Store at 28 N Union Street, Lambertville, NJ. The studio is open to friends and collectors by appointment. Please call or text if you would like to see available works. 732-233-5614.