Snowfall at Lambertville Station


“Snowfall at Lambertville Station” is a 40″ x 30″  oil painting on gessoed wood. This calming nocturnal scene was captured on a snowy late night stroll past The Lambertville Station Restaurant, long after closing time.  This iconic property was once the old train station in Lambertville, and now serves up provisions on a lovely patio, a warm wine cellar, a cozy dinning room, or a sports bar. “Snowfall at Lambertville Station” will bring you right into the charm of Lambertville, NJ.  Currently framed in a custom wood frame with 12K gold leaf by Masterworks Frames. This painting ships framed. Also available unframed for $5,800.

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“Snowfall at Lambertville Station” 40″ x 30″ oil on wood, framed. Varnished.