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Autumn Bulbs – Simple Pleasures, #26 of 30

Waiting on the frost and counting on the cold.  There is only one way to the other side.  There will be no bloom without the bury, no sun without the blackness. But they work their way up, no matter what direction you point them – they know where they’re going.  And they’ll get there.


2 Responses to Autumn Bulbs – Simple Pleasures, #26 of 30

Kelly, I just came over to your blog from FASO and have to tell you, you are a brilliant painter! I can tell you enjoy writing too because there’s a real voice in your words.

Posted by Lisa · via · 125 months ago

Hi Lisa. Thanks so much. I’m definitely working hard on the paint thing. This daily study has been a big push in the right direction. They are coming faster and stronger from the get go – not sure if you can see it, but I can really feel it. And thanks for the good words about my writing -it eases me some how – happy you enjoy it. Cheers.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 125 months ago


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