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Dancing In The Rain

Silence doesn’t mean I have nothing to say, but perhaps a brush can babble too much.

I had big plans for January. They changed. I needed to reevaluate. I decided to slow down and smell the paint. A short reprieve from the intensity to focus on a few other important things – like my husband, and my children.  My attention to them, perhaps a bit overdue.

My Lambertville portrait project (as mentioned in the last newsletter) is still happening, but my deadline has moved from one week ago, to an indefinite time in the near future. I have sitters who have agreed to pose. And I am excited to paint them. It will come. But the breath and the family feel good. Really good.

I’ve redirected some time to work on the Global FingerSmear project. I have been dreaming about for years. It’s forming, and to see it grow is exciting. But it raises many questions too. Personal ones that I don’t know the answers to yet.

I know the writing as been sparse lately, and I’m thankful for those of you that check back regardless of my recent absence.  This is just the calm… before the storm. It’s all good. I’ve always liked dancing in the rain.



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