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Dark Place

Looking for light in a dark place… not too hard to find this time around. Interesting exercise, curious metaphor.


2 Responses to Dark Place

Hi Kelly,
Congrats on the award, and also on your perseverance. I was looking at the painting “Dark Place” on your site and it reminded me of a painting by T. Allen Lawson that I want you to see. Yours is a warm interior with cool window, his a cool exterior with a warm window. Check it out at the High Street gallery site (in Camden Maine).

Keep up the good painting..Will

Posted by will klemm · via · 127 months ago

Thanks for the info Will. He does beautiful work. Really beautiful work. I just stood out in the cold for a few hours – wiped out the piece and went for a mocha. Hoping for better results tomorrow. The landscape thing challenges me so much – I’m determined to figure it out – but my cold toes needed warm coffee. Are you still coming to NJ in October?

Posted by kelly · via · 127 months ago


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