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Fist Full of Dandelions

I stood in the grass, a short four year old, under the vastness of the sky. I was tiny in my physical being, but I felt like I was big enough to expand into the entire universe. I believed I could shoot myself to the stars if I willed it, and I willed it.

I could feel the vibration of my own life and it was thrilling. I felt a rush, and for a moment that thrill flipped to fear and I turned my focus to the ground securely beneath my feet. I picked dandelions and marveled at the milky goo that dripped from their stems. I looked closely at the small hair like brown threads that grew from the middle of the deep yellow petals. I pulled a petal out and examined how it connected to the bud. I notice how they grew in pairs and wondered if they were sisters. They seemed to be clustered -maybe grandparents and cousins. I gathered up all that I could find, collecting a sticky fist full of the entire extended family. I thought they were exceptionally beautiful, especially when they were all together.

Turning back to the sky I could feel my breath, and I focused on it, hearing the inhale and exhale. I could feel the rise and fall of my lungs and I filled them to their peek, and then pushed in just a bit more. My heart began to beat faster and I prepared to fly. I clutched my little flowers and lifted my chin, stretching my neck as far as I could. I closed my eyes and I could feel my body start to soar. My heart pounded and again my thrill snapped to fear. I flung my eyes open and plopped to the ground, convinced I was way too powerful for my little body. I told myself I better just slow down or I was sure to get into some big trouble. I took a long deep breath to calm my heartbeat, pushed myself off the ground and returned to the safety of my home, offering a fist full of yellow flowers to the mother. Informed that they were weeds, I was ordered to cast them away.

**I just realized that I have not posted a story for almost a year. I’m working on a book of short, and I hope, beautiful bits about creativity, imagination, and living a colorful life. It’s a big bit to share and I’m mixed with excitement and reservation. For now, just working to finish it, and we’ll see what the rest brings. I hope you enjoy this ‘bit’.

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