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I like the sound of your voice

WOW, thanks for all the posts. Everyone of them made me smile!~  My mother used to tell me “you like the sound of your own voice.”  I think it was an attempt to silence me.  I’m sure it did for a little while.  Then I found paper.  I used it incessantly as a young “lost” artist girl with no real confidant to hear the orated version.  Piles and piles of my daily tirades followed me around.  Then I met my husband.  A real human being that listened.  I stopped writing, and started talking again.  Soon there after all of my scribbles were lost to a poorly insulated basement prone to flooding.  I picked them apart one by one until their demise was undeniable. There was no such thing as a blog, facebook, or posting.  Your words were your own – as sad or as happy as they may be. No one ever responded to them.  I like this version better. Please keep talking – I like the sound of your voice.


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Hi Kelly: I love reading your art blog…every artist should get an opportunity to study in Italy…you are lucky!! Keep safe! Anna Marie

Posted by Anna Marie DiCostanzo · via · 140 months ago

Yes I am lucky. And I know it. I’m happy your reading. It’s fun to share it. Cheers. Kelly

Posted by kelly · via · 140 months ago


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