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…or perhaps just a bit more in control.  I laid in the shadow, added the light, and froze in a coma-like state of confusion.  Eventually I thawed out and made a few strokes.  Direction from Robert tweaked the quarterback sized shoulders I had given her, but otherwise he offered no hall pass to throw my paint around in an ‘out of control’ manner.  It was a great exercise.  Maybe by Friday I will be able to meld control with wild expression and blow my own socks off – or maybe I’ll just wear sandals and pretend.

– As Will did earlier- please, feel free to remind me of the lessons we’ve learned that I seem to have forgotten. Cheers.


3 Responses to kelly…subdued

Wow!! Fantastic!!

MOM! this painting is absolutely AMAZING keep up the profound work 🙂

good morning – after a night of iced vodka, flames, and possible evacuation from our home i am reverting to more pleasant things on the patio with my computer. the hillside is black and ashes cover the patio but hey – i’m here to enjoy your paintings!!! fantastic – you are on a roll – keep going!!! idaho will miss your spirit but i am excited for you in your new adventures!!


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