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My Orange Jar of Brushes – Simple Pleasures, #24 of 30

Generally we can’t fix our mistakes. They live, whether we like it or not. Regret is useless, but we entertain it on occasion anyway.

I’ve looked over this series many times. I’ve noticed issues that I wished I had done differently. I work to remember and correct them the next time around. I wish every piece was a brilliant study, but if I were capable of that – they would not be called studies and there would be no need for this exercise.

I’m excited to produce a show from this series. I’ve worked hard –but what do I do with the ugly ducklings?? There are only a few, but they exist. I considered the ‘tune up’ but thought it might compromise the ‘integrity’ of the exercise. Then I thought again.

When I arrived at the studio today a friend and fellow artist was unloading the few painting left from his Philadelphia show. He knew about my little project and inquired if I was on track. He came into my studio to peruse the work. When I asked for his thoughts, he obliged. One by one he addressed the pieces that I already knew were weak. He offered reasoning in plain terms. I heard every word. Then he moved on to a few stronger pieces. Paintings that pleased me but haunted my intellect for reasons I could not pinpoint. “One small shift here, one small shift there – you will see it as soon as you do it” he said as he motioned his fingers across the piece. I could ‘see’ it immediately.

I looked at my big orange jar of brushes and felt an incredible power to change the world. Well…my little world. These brushes will be the star of my “follow-up project” – EDITS, based on what I’ve learned. They are truly one of my most engaging pleasures, AND they have the ability to fix all of the mistakes they make. Magic. No wonder I lose myself there.


5 Responses to My Orange Jar of Brushes – Simple Pleasures, #24 of 30

I certainly look forward to all your paintings but equally look forward to your words. I love how you express your feelings. Hope you have a wonderful day. I love you, Mom

Posted by Mom · via · 125 months ago

Aw, thanks Mom. I love you too.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 125 months ago

I like the jar of brushes. See my website and my paintings of Artists Tools.
I am often looking in my studio for things to paint.You can see me on youtube.

Posted by Bob Ragland · via · 125 months ago

Hi Kelly,

I wish Phillie was just a little bit closer so I could see you and tell you in pesrson how impressed I am with your work. Thank you for the inspiration to look for the simple pleasures and know that every painting does not have to be a masterpiece. Thank you also for your words – you are an artist as a writer as well! Joan

Posted by Joan Mudge · via · 125 months ago

Hello Joan Mudge!! How are you? How did you come across me after years? Where are you in Phillie? That’s pretty close. We need to get Kelly up here for a paint out – or a paint is as I prefer.

Thanks for the nice words. I’m working at it. Life seems to be moving in the right direction. Cheers.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 125 months ago


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