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Shiny Faces and a Sold-Out Show

Last week was one for my history books.  A combination of many changes on the home front, a future as uncertain as swarming bees, and a commitment to something that scared the snot out of me put me in an unfamiliar spin. I hope not to return to it anytime soon – to the spin that is.

I was not afraid when I committed to the project.  I conjured it up, sought it out, and asked for it. I was confident, ready, and wanting to take on the hardest target I could find.  When my target (and friend) accepted, and the time drew near, my heart began to beat with insecurities that I am thankful to call an odd occurrence.   Good words from far away friends, the reality of ‘no turning back,’ and a desire to keep moving forward forced my hand, my heart, and my brush.  The first one was hard, the rest, a pleasure I hope to repeat with new shiny faces, in new lovely places, for many years to come.

Below is the work produced over four days at The Art Spirit Gallery in Ceour D’Alene, Idaho.  Friends, some old, some new, lined up to sit for me.  The pieces averaged 1.5 hours, and together, we produced my first ‘sold-out’ gallery show.

I came home exhausted and satisfied. I will do it again, and again. Next time, without the spin.


11 Responses to Shiny Faces and a Sold-Out Show

how many days of painting does this represent?
Congratulations, what a beautiful array of portraits!

Posted by mimi torchia boothby watercolors · via · 133 months ago

four – long, wonderful days.

Posted by kelly · via · 133 months ago

Wow Kel, these are amazing! You have found your next great thing! Paint on sista!

Posted by Lisa Young · via · 133 months ago

Wonderful. You have captured the heart and spirit of these people. They are alive! Good work, indeed. I know you will keep it up because your heart is in it, I can tell.

Did you send work off to the Portrait Painters off America? Please post what you sent, if you did.

Posted by Carole · via · 133 months ago

These were wonderful to look at! Knowing many of these people, I am amazed not only at the likeness, but of the general spirit that is conveyed. The candor / general attitude got painted as well!

Posted by Reed Sullivan · via · 133 months ago

Truly wonderful, and even though I don’t know ANY of these people, I agree that you are capturing essences. You are an inspiration, Kelly, a gift to those who are privileged to get to know you.

Posted by Diane Pool · via · 133 months ago

Oh Diane, you are sweet to me. I really look forward to sitting on your boat in the Philippines and sharing stories, face to face for the first time. You inspire me, and I’m certain you inspire all the kids you work so hard to create a school for. Maybe August – is it too hot there in August – or September???

Posted by kelly · via · 133 months ago

nice to be part of a mutual admiration society… the Philippines are warm all year round, but I expect that your summer weather would have acclimated you to our August/September heat–except we may be more HUMID. I don’t know that for sure, though. The big difference is that from July to October is our rainy season, when Typhoons come, and though we are located just low enough to the equator that typhoons pass to the North of us, we do get the rainy edges. This year being El Nenia, is already wetter than usual so it may not work well for you this year. But we’ll see what develops, okay? Congratulations on the great success of your show!

Posted by Diane Pool · via · 133 months ago

strong work Kelly! these are great. welcome home!

Posted by hans · via · 133 months ago

Hi Kelly: Loved seeing more of your work, and, of course sitting for my portrait was an amazing exerpience as well! Thank you and congrats on your accomplishments at the competition.

Posted by Trish Bardman · via · 133 months ago

I am very proud to be on this wall.

Posted by Elizabeth S, Brinton · via · 132 months ago


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