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Simple Pleasures… 1 of 30

Life’s Simple Pleasures, often overlooked, yet sweetly effective with their subtle powers.

I’ve decided to take them on as a new color study, dedicating myself to producing one a day for the next 30 days. Perhaps not just a study of color, but an observation of the little things I find important in this life – the simple things that sooth my soul, or make me laugh, or settle me down, or keep me healthy – like a good apple.

All small pieces, approximately 5″ x 7″

The series will show in its entirety in mid November, but you can follow them here. See you tomorrow.


2 Responses to Simple Pleasures… 1 of 30

Nice to have you back, Kelly…and it’s obvious you’ve made leaps and bounds with your painting in lieu of posting! I honestly wouldn’t have recognized this as yours if you put it beside one of your earlier paintings. The crispness of your apple is brilliant, enticing; am eager to check back tomorrow for more…

Posted by Diane Pool · via · 126 months ago

Hi Diane – nice to be back. I think the days will be filled with paint, and the words will be sparse for a little while. Juggling a lot these days. Nice to hear from you, as always. I hope you are well.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 126 months ago


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