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Slow Down

Slow down, step back, breath deep and take a long hard look.  If you don’t like what you see, spin around until your dizzy. I promise. It will look different. If your still not pleased, buy thick glasses, get drunk, and don’t look at it anymore.  ….words of wisdom from an aging moon beam blinded by her own light.

Wow, that sounds a bit jacked up.  I’m really not as sad as that sounds. I’m more… reflective.  There is a lot to evaluate these days, and my plate seems to fill with fat laden foods while my spirit and my body beg for mixed greens.

All of that aside – I’ll take my friends advice.  I’ll slow down though I feel the need to excellerate, as pressures in life boldly demand production… and assimilation.  I think I’ll blow it all off.  I will produce like a mad virus, as I’m quite certain, this aliment has no cure. But perhaps… for the time being I will not– enter – be judged – place –or try to fit the mold of what is considered to be … right.  My sweet mother would attest. I’ve never been steller at being ‘right’. So ‘wrong’ may suit me quite well for the time being.

For now, I will seek out the finest of mentors. Not because their work has reached acclaim, but because it has the power to flush me of all emotion barring the one they present.  I will not emulate, I will participate, and I will articulate, if only for my personal and private audience. I will work to quell my thirst, my seemingly unquenchable thirst. As I know the moments that flow…oh god, the moments that flow…whether followed by praise and approval, transcend the chatter of acceptance and leave a lull of quite fullfillment that few understand.  I would not trade that knowing for all the ease offered by conformity.  Not for a moment. Not for a medal.

When it all boils down, I’m still able to laugh, and cry, and laugh all over agian.


3 Responses to Slow Down

Roller coaster rides can be fun, scary, nauseating, terrifying, hilarious, gripping, soaring, etc.

I think you are on one my dear!! Try to enjoy the fun parts and know that the nice man at the controls (whoever and whatever he is) will finally let you off when you’ve had enough!!!

You are awesome!! : )

Posted by Ginny · via · 132 months ago

I love your sheep. Keep painting. I am too.

Posted by mimi torchia boothby watercolors · via · 132 months ago

Thanks ladies. Trying a few new things this week. I have an overwhelming sense of peace today. Not sure why. Seeing some improvement in my dear Aidan, letting off some of the pressure I’ve put on myself, feeling like it will all work out, I just need to keep doing what I do – and be thankful for the ability to do it. No stopping the paint. -Nice to have friends like you out there. Together we all move forward. Cheers.

Posted by kelly · via · 132 months ago


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