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The Lilac

Lilac. It’s a ‘bisexual’ plant that symbolizes love. I didn’t know that. Only that it smells divine and will not last long if you cut it down and expect it to live in a container. Fitting I guess. On the vine, it flourishes. In a jar…a rapid decline.

I assume anything that is a bit off beat and vibrant by nature would react the same way if expected to conform.

Perhaps just a bit of tending. Water. Sun. A general acceptance for its unique beauty. That would allow it to flourish. Blessed be the non-invasive gardener. Blessed be the lilac of its love.


2 Responses to The Lilac

I also did not know that Lilac is a bisexual plant, and if talking about your art that is an awesome painting. Your art work is great.

Thanks! I appreciate the post. Have a great day.


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