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Time – Simple Pleasures, #30 of 30

(#30 of 30, it just felt really good to type that!)

This project was about time.  Choosing where to spend it. More time at the easel, less time wishing I were there, and no time wondering how to make it happen. I knew that my kids would excuse the minimalist dinners and spur me on.  I knew that I would grow.

So I took the time.  I see progress and I’m proud. It pleases me. I’m looking forward to more time. I’m thankful for the luxury of it and I have no want to waste it.

I have another plan. My Fingersmear career opus. It has been in development for years – on the back burner…stewing. I recently turned the heat up, and it smells delicious.

The concept is once again, about simplicity – though the execution, a bit more complex.

Launching in August of 2012, “The Global FingerSmear Project” will travel around the world to illustrate and celebrate the simple gestures that bind us together, and the cultural nuances that set us apart. Accompanied by a small team of fellow artists and documentary film-makers we will traverse the globe to meet with farmers, leaders, artists, lovers, mothers, brothers… We will bring the world together through the dip of fingers in cold paint, creating a massive piece of collaborative art that will demonstrate how a simple action can lead to celebration and hope. We are artists. We have the power to inspire a peaceful world.  We can create it – simply.

We just need a little more time.


2 Responses to Time – Simple Pleasures, #30 of 30

Well said Kelly…I hope you do it!

Posted by Robin · via · 125 months ago

Thanks Robin. It seems to be coming together nicely. -so exciting to see a dream come around that I have to remind myself to breath. It’s been rolling around the back of my brain for so long that its fruition seemed inevitable – and I think its time has come. Good stuff. Thanks for the encouragement.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 125 months ago


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