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Venus has been at the Bitter End for over 30 years. She has a beautiful full face.

My battery is about to run out, so I’ll have to elaborate later.

Nice day at the Bitter End.


7 Responses to Venus

My Very Beautiful Mother !!!!!!

Posted by toya · via · 122 months ago

What a beautiful painting of that beautiful face, keep up the good work, girl!!!

Posted by Pam Davies · via · 122 months ago

Thanks Ladies. Toya, your Mother is beautiful – and what a sweet disposition too. She speaks proudly of all of her babies, and has great patience!

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 121 months ago

thanks Kelly she sure does !

Posted by toya · via · 121 months ago

Wow! I love this painting. Okaii maybe I have more than a few reasons for being bias, but I am proud of the outcome. I think its a masterful piece of art!

Great job to the artist and the subject 🙂

Posted by Uri J · via · 121 months ago

what a beautiful picture. lots of love for this lady she just happen to be my mother. Thank you mrs kelly

Posted by BURT PETERS · via · 121 months ago

you are welcome Mr Burt

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 121 months ago


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