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Warm Artists, Cold Streets

I was afraid to inconvenience anyone, because five days of entertaining a guest who you were not expecting, is way too long. Apparently a subject line that reads, “friend of Kevin Macpherson” in a village of artists, in China, is pretty powerful. We’ve rallied up a week-long paint out in a town with many Chinese tourists. I’ve been photographed ALOOOOTTTT in the past four days. I think my face must be all over the Chinese version of Facebook, and I fear that last nights karaoke performance may wind up in the wrong hands as well. I have not seen another American since I’ve been here, with the exception of Alan Flesher, and ex-pat from Bucks County, PA who used to be an antique dealer at The Peoples Store; the same building where my studio currently is in Lambertville, NJ. Bizarre and odd how this life moves along.

Xin Chang is a 1,500 year old village. It’s a wonderful place to paint. The sites, sounds and smells are authentic, and most of them inviting. I still cringe when I hear the phlegm balls coming up, as spitting them in the street is a rather customary ritual, like breathing.

Xin Chang has many small alleys with merchants making fried tofu and dumplings. You can find everything you need, from hardware, to cloths, to food. You really don’t need to leave the village or own a car. That may change. Disney Land is about to open in China, and it’s less than 9 Kilometers from here. Most welcome the progress. I hope that it will help preserve the ancient beauty of this old town. It’s still affordable, and there is space to be had, but likely not for long. I’ll come back when the weather is warmer, and I can speak a little Chinese.


2 Responses to Warm Artists, Cold Streets

Kellie , safe travels back home . I am sure once you make the connections with real people on your travels as you have you will be drawn back to China. I am happy you met so many of my friends all along the way. I hope we can return together for new adventures and maybe some finger smearing in various provinces . All my best Kevin

Posted by Kevin macpherson · via · 74 months ago

Yes, it would be fun to be there with you Kevin. Gugian is going to translate my Mighty Fingers proposal into Chinese and work to get it sponsored in Shanghai, so I hope to be returning next year. It would be great to coordinate it around one of your trips. You could teach me how to drink bai jui at lunch, and still paint in the afternoon!

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 74 months ago


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