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A simple existance

I want a simple existence; one that is not complicated by legalities and draining financial commitments. One that is not hard to fill with laughter.

I think I’m special. I always have. I guess my parents did a good job of filling my head with rhetoric they hoped I would someday believe, so that I could, in turn, be special.

I know the world suffers. I know the political system is scarred and decrepit. People ache, and die. Too much of this planet is warped by pain and injustice. I know I am not immune to that kind of environment. Yet, I was born into a stable place, with food, heat, and family, so my true understanding is swayed. Still, I manage to find myself lost in despair, regardless, from time to time.

I sit here trying to convey my feelings of loneliness and thirst into a word doc while the turning pages of a book across the room make us want to stand up and shout “listen to me”. Yet open ears before me, I find myself with nothing to say. The keyboard edits my inappropriate rage, while my wicked tongue stings without tonic, and silence ensue.

I will lose myself, only to find myself, though the discovery may be as muddy as the colors I mix. I want a simple existence, one that is not hard to fill with laughter.


2 Responses to A simple existance

I can’t find my precious book of quotes so I may not have this correct, but here it goes anyway:
“There is a world of difference between the person who says only to their self, There is no hope, and the person who says it aloud.”

Wanting a simple life and saying there is no hope are not exactly the same thing, but your ability to say what you feel aloud is extraordinarily comforting–validating–to those of us who feel the same. It’s really hard to find the path and stay there. (Muchless get back to it once you’ve wandered away…) You always have something worthy to say, Kelly. You really are special.

Posted by Diane Pool · via · 135 months ago

Strive for the moments of happiness that you can find and continue to do the little things that will make the world a tiny bit better.
We owe this to our children because they must follow in our footsteps when they arrive in the same place that we are at now.

Posted by mimi · via · 135 months ago


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