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A Year Delayed

We’ve been working to bring Mighty Fingers Facing Change to Uganda for over a year. When I had to write last year and tell them that I did not have the money to produce the project there, I felt sad. I felt like I had let them down, and I had let myself down. So I decided to do what I could, with what I had. I sponsor the education of two girls in Amor Village each month. I spend $75 a month on each of them, to make sure they are able to attend school in Kampala (three hours from the village), have access to medical care, eat, and have shelter. So much, for so little. I just received this video from Gloria, one of “my” girls. We are finally bringing Mighty Fingers Facing Change to Amor Village, and I’m excited to meet her, and all of the girls, and to work with such an incredible grassroots organization that is changing their future. Help us do more while we are there but supporting our campaign. Thank you in advance.


2 Responses to A Year Delayed

Your perseverance and vision are remarkable. I love the example of hope and possibility that you insert into my life! Thank you Kelly

Posted by Reed · via · 78 months ago

Thank you for always backing me up Reed! You are always there when any of us need you. You’re the remarkable one.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 78 months ago


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