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All Better – No Pics

The vibe shifted today. We are all on the same page now. The old tree was shaken up, and the sour apples fell off. There is nothing luxurious about this place. The beds are hard, and you can feel the springs. If you sleep through breakfast, you go hungry. The use of a blow dryer will short out the entire building. If you have issues with shared space, hair in the drain that doesn’t belong to you, or toilets that won’t flush when you need them to, then this place is not for you.

If you want to wake to the sound of cocks floating up the hillside at 6 am, unexpected wind shifts slamming doors shut at all hours, plentiful food at scheduled hours, and all the time in the world to paint fascinating people and sun drenched places then come along.

Today it all made sense.

I went plein-air painting this morning. Not a normal occurrence for me, but I don’t have to worry about the bears or the mountain lions here – so I felt good about it. It was incredibly freeing.

After lunch I had a studio visit scheduled with one of the teachers here. She began to explain the energy difference in a piece painted from a photograph, compared to a piece painted from real life. To prove her point, she sat for me. 30 minutes was my limit. Go for it, make it happen. I did, and IT did. It was a small piece. 4” x 6”. It was not her exact likeness, but it was her – and she had spirit.

I attempted to explain my fear of “dropping” the photograph. “I want it to look good”. This is my reasoning. As if the free flowing energy that bursts out of me would be inferior.

Since the day I arrived, I have watched the old men play cards – I want to paint them. The idea of setting up a canvas within eyeshot and going on about it scares me…an expectation to perform, when I’m not sure I can.

Tomorrow I’m going to do it. I will bring at least 4 small canvases, and I will paint. I will not spend more then 30 minutes on any portrait. I will try to catch the gist of them swiftly and see where it takes me.

More tomorrow. I’ll try to post some pics –painted pics. Ciao.


9 Responses to All Better – No Pics

Kelly, I am following you daily from here in New Jersey….. looking forward to some pictures soon. So excited for your adventure.

Posted by Karen Jenkins · via · 139 months ago

I am reading every day too. You are being amazing.

Posted by coleen sullivan · via · 139 months ago

Sounds a lot like my experiences….you are starting to live la dolce vita. Your a very talented writer Kelly. You paint a nice picture with your words too. At this moment it is Monday morning for you, week 2, and I can’t wait to read your post this Friday. You are gonna have a great great week. I’m off to the Jersey Shore for a little R and R. I’ll say hello for you. Ciao.

Posted by john heine · via · 139 months ago

yes, off to paint – but the Jersey shore sounds so nice too. cheers.

Posted by kelly · via · 139 months ago

Hi Coleen and Karen – nice to see you here. “Amazing” eh! Wow. This place is amazing. Simple, beautiful – nice people. Off to paint. Will try to post pics today.

Posted by kelly · via · 139 months ago

This painting does look fresh and alive! Good job. I’m off to the studio, have tons to do. I am going to practice composing vineyards before going off to Calif. to paint the wine country. When there it is overwhelming to see 1/2 mile of vineyards spreading to each side of you with golden hills and oaks and more vineyards in the distance. This week will be the “practice” part of Scott’s teaching, then off to the “paint” part in two weeks, gone for 3 weeks I expect. Will leave on the 16th after going to Scott’s open house. Ciao! Carole

Posted by Carole · via · 139 months ago

Yes, she does have spirit! I look forward to the old guys playing cards.

Posted by mimi torchia boothby watercolors · via · 139 months ago

I love the yummy “yellow” dress and the cool background on your painting. A warm and expressive image!! Can’t wait to see how you feel about the quick paintings you are going to do.

Must paint now – you are so encouraging!
And, have you thought about writing a book – you are also an awesome writer – I can see and feel everything you are describing!

Go Girlfriend!!

Posted by Ginny · via · 139 months ago

God, you are all wonderful. Carol and Ginny, I think of you, my studio mates, often. I’m happy you are painting and productive. I miss you – but I am so happy that I am here. Can’t wait to see what I come home to.

Mimi, I think we shall meet someday.

John, if I see you again in life, I must worn you, I do not party like I used to – hopefully you don’t either! Good to hear from you.

Posted by kelly · via · 139 months ago


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