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Totally disconnected. I went the thrifty traveler route. I have to spend one night in St. Thomas because the airline changed the flight time. I arrived too late to catch the last ferry off the island. Something small, clean, close to the ferry, and with Internet. That was all I required.

In hindsight, perhaps one notch up might have been a wise choice. Small – yes, clean -mostly, close to the ferry -12 blocks – with Internet, …usually. Third floor walk up with a very heavy suitcase full of paint and supplies – ouch.

It’s ok really. I’m not complaining. Just wish I could check in with the family. Make sure my ‘babies’ are all good. But I can’t do that. Perhaps that is the point of it all. I will trust that they are fine. I will finish my second planter’s punch and I will fall fast asleep for the first time in a week.

I am excited to on this little adventure. One really solid nights sleep. That is all I need.



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