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The Island Palette

This is a place where all seems right with the world. I arrived yesterday. I was tired, a bit worn out from the past few weeks, and feeling really thankful for such a reprieve. The Bitter End is tucked into a cove on the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. The sound (or perhaps it is the lack of sound) is hypnotic. Wind moves through the trees and the sea washes up. There are no cars. No music. No sounds except what nature brings up, and the ping of ropes against the masts that fill the harbor. I walked around, slowly, looking. Cactus grows off the rock. Flowering vines cover the stone walls. Small mangrove trees pop out of the sea. The water moves from crystal clear to turquoise to the deepest purest blue I have ever seen. Overlooking all of it are cottages with wooden plank pathways tucked along the shore and up the hillsides. It’s like living in a well appointed tree house with ocean views and running water. All of  it, just up the path from your favorite pub where all you need to do is sign your name.

I was not given a key to my tree house. There are no thieves in paradise. A bit of food, some rum punch, and an 8pm bed time wrapped up my day.

I had big 6AM plans of touring the trails and checking out the early morning light. Rain and heavy winds suggested that I stay put. I rolled over and willingly obliged the island weather gods.  When the rain stopped I loaded my gear and went out to discover, wide-eyed and well rested.

I chose something simple. There are amazing views here, and yachts, and hill sides, and happy people. But rather than getting caught up in the bigness of it all, I opted for something uncomplicated, a simple design of light and shadow, allowing myself to play with a whole new color palette; the island palette. This is my warm up. Tomorrow will bring a more expansive view.

The Mangrove Tree

8″ x 10″


8 Responses to The Island Palette

Hey there Kelly – I was the kiteboarder checking out your painting in the earlier stages. It ended up gorgeous!!! Just wanted to send ya props!! Scott

Posted by Scott Allerton · via · 122 months ago

Just beautiful, Kelly. You surely captured the essence of the place.

Posted by Cynthia Compton-Conley · via · 122 months ago

Pretty pic, Kelly. I can see and feel that incredible brightness and light that are El Caribe.
Looking forward to more paintings and your great narrative. Cheers!

Posted by Pam Davies · via · 122 months ago

Hey Scott, thanks for taking the time to say so! What you guys do out there looks SOOO fun. I want to do it – really I do. But my ol’ body is not so sure. I see you flying through the water and flipping around and all I could think was “my kids would LOVE this!!”

I did try to shoot you guys today, but not for very long – I was carrying that pack. I’ll come tomorrow with a rum punch and sit on the pier.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 122 months ago

Hi Cynthia and Pam. Thanks for the posts. I am trying. It is pretty remarkable here. I struggled today with some awesome clouds over the harbor – but only figured it out just now by referencing some other works. I’ll try to bring it around in the AM and post early. I raise my rum punch to you…

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 122 months ago

oh geeze… i just realized that I reference ‘rum punch’ twice. Sorry mom. It means nothing – really. XO

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 122 months ago

You go girl!!!

Posted by Pam Davies · via · 122 months ago

This is exciting. I can’t wait to see your work over the next couple of weeks!

Posted by Reed · via · 122 months ago


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