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I’m getting a workout. I wiped out two canvases today. That happens sometimes, and it’s ok. Repeated wipeouts are better than a bad start that will madden you all the way through. But I had already done it twice today – I was a bit unwilling to go for three.

I spent some time wandering around this morning, ducking the short bursts of rain. There are many things here that I would love to paint – but the wind blows so hard (a big bonus for all of the sailors and wind sport fans here) and the sun is so strong (another bonus for the bathing goddesses) that I find myself seeking shelter, and letting it dictate my subjects.  Am I a spoiled ‘studio painter’ – well, I must do something about that. There are elements here that I need to figure out. It may take a few days to adjust. I set up in an open covered hall that The Bitter End use for events. It’s surrounded by flowers, but the ones on my canvas did not live very long.

I put on my pack and wandered back to my room. I dropped the big ol’ pack and checkout out of the hammock for the first time. Nice.  Trying to brush off the despair over my two failed morning pieces, I rolled off the hammock and set up my easel in the comfort of my own ‘home’…well, my porch.  I think I can officially say that palm trees are a bit tricky. They are one with the wind, so you have to make it up as you go along. Once I started to see it, I relaxed into it in my new island studio and enjoyed myself.

I may see what the sunset looks like from there tonight and have at it again. Tomorrow, I think there is a cactus with my name on it.

Palm Trees

10″ x 8″



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