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Flying Without Wings

It’s as close to flying as you might get without wings. From my deck I watch them flip around. An unsuccessful landing takes a serious slap to the side of a body. They splash back up, whooping and hooting over the thrill of it. I wish for younger days, before the fear of injury. That perceived invincibility, and stronger knees. Yes, then I would be out there for sure! Maybe not flipping, but a nice pace. Yes, a speedy clip for sure.

You know, I’m not that old. On second thought, maybe I’ll go to bed early and eat fruit and granola tomorrow, and … ohhhh, but they might have eggs benedict again. Maybe I’ll go home, get in really good shape, and come back next year ready to rip it up. Yes. Rip it up – next year. That is the plan.

Then I looked back at my palette on the deck. “I am ripping it up” I thought to myself. Artistically speaking, it doesn’t get much more ripping than this.

I have already begun to concoct future trades. I want to get my family back here. I want to see my kids sail a little boat. I want them to drink virgin Pina Colada everyday. I want us to snorkel and talk about the fish we find. I want to act like all the other lovebirds and look longingly into my husband’s eyes over the moonlit North Sound. I think that if my son gets his hands on a kiteboarder, he may never want to ski again. No, that’s not likely, but he’ll dig it. I think my daughter will be taken by the local flavor, and we might not be able to get her back home. I think my husband will reignight his desire to sell everything and live on a boat. Based on the size of some of these boats, I might reconsider the idea. It has been a pleasure. I have missed my family, and I have worked hard. I’m thankful for the experience. I’ll be back…to rip it up in all-new ways. Cheers.


4 Responses to Flying Without Wings

You’r not that old..(I’m older), but we surely can still rip it up! I’ve enjoyed taking this journey with you Kelly! Your heartfelt writing brings you right there and your paintings are delicious.
Bravo my dear friend.
Love you!

Posted by Lisa Young · via · 121 months ago

HI Leese! Thanks for the post. I was happy to ‘have you along’. Yes, we can still rip it up, but I don’t think I would try kite boarding without some real physical work up. I’ll be more prepared next year. I’m in the airport in St Thomas – exited to see my family, return to the gym, and do a little detox… Love you too my dear ‘old’ friend.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 121 months ago

Beautiful Kelly – And I agree, you are ripping it up..See you next time?? Cheers, Scott

Posted by Scott Allerton · via · 121 months ago

Thanks Scott – yup, we’re all coming to see you next year, one big family kite boarding lesson.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 121 months ago


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