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Four Weeks Post-Op

A wrenching chapter, but relatively short in the span of a lifetime I guess. 15 ½ months of angst & guilt, fear & eventual concurrence led to a spinal fusion. She is in her fourth week of recovery. We are on the other side. Perhaps light duty when held next to some, but this is all I know, and it was hard.

Every day, she amazes me. I was not an easy child, so I am told. I challenged everything, boldly and without grace. My path to this place could have been smoother, but my decisions did not always support forward motion. Her success, like her recovery, comes in record time. She doesn’t bully her way to the other side. She quietly analyses her options. She assesses the situation. Armed with information she charts a course. Perhaps the most beautiful and powerful detail in it all, is her state of ‘self’ and the decency in her heart.

“If you can capture her….” he searched for the words, “…eloquence and strength…that would be amazing,” he said.

I am humbled by her every day. We are blessed to have her… every day.

I thought I would give it a try. This…is just the beginning.


11 Responses to Four Weeks Post-Op

Kelly dear, This is absolutely beautiful. My beautiful Aidan, I feel like I could reach out and touch her.

absolutely stunning portrait of an incredibly fine young woman. my happiest wishes to Aiden.

Kelly, that is an absolutely beautiful portrait of Aidan. mm

That is stunningly beautiful.

Kelly, She is tremendous and strong and beautiful, you have captured it. I am not surprised as you helped create all of her positive attributes. And I might include, her brother was and continues to be quite the star throughout this entire experience.

A breathtakingly beautiful show of grace, depth and beauty,in the portrait and the words; both are equal to the situation. Facing this challenge is an example of the strength all close to Aidan have shown.


THANK YOU! for all the great comments. I am so excited to see how she wraps up – in life and on the canvas 🙂 I will get a full day in on her on Monday. She will be back in school, and I will be back in the studio. All good stuff.

K: I was moved when I saw on Tuesday where you had taken Aidan’s portrait but even more moved by your words and the love for your daughter that they conveyed. You’re a special lady. <3

Bravo. I think this is your best work yet!

Breathtaking….just like her! XO


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