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Garlic – Simple Pleasures, #14 of 30

Garlic is not yellow. I know that. But if the point of the exercise is to study color, I thought I would push it a bit.  Besides, how to do you make “more come forward” if the object has no color? Very much the challenge – so lets just assume the light was yellow, shall we? And there we’ll leave it!


3 Responses to Garlic – Simple Pleasures, #14 of 30

LOVE LOVE the color of the garlic – of course I would, I never paint anything the color it is anyway!!! Guess that didn’t help you much did it – have another sip o’ that red wine….

Perhaps the pink tone is too soft for the garlic objects – a darker color????

Hi Ginny. I still think I need to knock down the yellow. But, yes it would work well in your pieces – in mine it screams – “mellow me out please!” We’ll see if it lives… I miss you.


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