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Old Things – Simple Pleasures, #13 of 30

Old things, old friends, old memories…

I have many thoughts on this exercise. It’s interesting – it’s hard. I’m happy for the experience, but I’m a bit too pressed for time to share anything more than the work I produce – most days. I’m excited to see it through, and I’m blessed to have the chance to do it.

**This small piece is in honor of a neighbor that I never met. He was taken by cancer just over a year ago. I am told by all that loved him (and there were many) that he was a larger-than-life guy who loved and welcomed everyone. Food and friends were his passion in life. I’m sure I would have loved him. So to his old things (like this great bottle), his widow, and his friends – I raise my glass and toast to the time we have. May our eyes be open enough to use it well.



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