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I get by with a little help from my friends…

I made it to the gallery this morning with a low fat no-whip mocha,  but no breakfast.  Most of my morning was spent excitedly reading emails and advice from my fellow artists. Then I saw the clock and flung myself into action mode.

My first sitter – Major Ben Wolfinger, Commander at The Kootenai County Sheriffs Department (and former customer and friend from our days of running Tubs Cafe).  I had not seen him for 10 years, and he had not changed a bit.  Still happy, proud, and easy company (as long as he was not arresting you).

Next, Michael DePasquale, owner operator and leading cook, bookkeeper, and bottle washer at his Coeur D’Alene eatery – Michael D’s.  Though I have known his reputation as a restaurateur for years, this was the first time I really got to sit in his company – actually, he was the one sitting, I got to stand in his company. It was nice to get to know him a bit better.  Looking at someone’s face for an hour and 1/2, and witnessing their reaction to your interaction generally sheds some insight.  He’s a nice east coast Italian boy that loves his family and loves his work.  He sat with a friendly pride that I was proud to paint, and I hope I caught him.  It will hang in the eatery, and I look forward to seeing it there!

And finally, a stranger in the mix.  She was not a stranger for long.  Meet Maureen Dolan.  A Jersey girl, just like me. She was on assignment for The Coeur d’Alene Press. The story is to be about ‘what it’s like to sit for a portrait’.  It was her first time.  She’s a solid girl with an easy laugh, and when we found that we were Jersey sista’s, the rest flowed like water.  She’s got a dastardly grin.  I wanted the grin.  I asked her to tip up her head and hold the ‘smirk’ for as long as she could handle it.  It was fun for both of us. Me, dancing around her face with verbal outbursts of my internal dialogue “and then it goes up, and it gets more pale but a bit more blue, and then boom it peaks, then it recedes, uuuuuuppp happy little corner….over to shadow….” She giggled a lot during the sitting, mostly at the oddness of the experience.  I think she enjoyed it, and I think she’ll write happy things about it.  We’ll see. You know I’ll post it! – unless she say’s it was a drag…

Soooo… as for my amigos with all the excellent advice – I tried to add all the good stuff into my work today.  The pieces here really DO have more colors than these shots represent – I worked to make the shadows more even, but perhaps I just need to take a pallet knife and lay them in like butter! We’ll see what tomorrow brings… thanks for coming along for the ride and providing directions.  Please, feel free to elaborate. cheers.


1 Response to I get by with a little help from my friends…

It was fun sitting for you. I appreciate the slight slimming, but I think you did an awesome job.

Posted by Ben Wolfinger · via · 130 months ago


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