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Only two

I only have two to show today. The first, a great musician that played at my last reception when I was in Coeur d’Alene in March – Robby French. Super talented – and a real pleasure to paint. I’m quite pleased with the result, and so was he.

#2 – not shown here – I didn’t get a decent shot of it, and the shots that I did get left me with a very clear understanding of the edits that I need to make in the morning. To my beautiful friend Sylvia – you’ll be far more fab in the morning.

and finally #3 – Holly – she watched from behind when I painted her man in March. This time around her view was a bit different. Apparently I make many amusing facial gestures when I paint… We followed the sitting with a good bottle of wine and thorough conversation about life as we know it.

Good day – very tired….


3 Responses to Only two

Kelly, nice job on my little sis’ Holly! You totally caught that “look” she can shoot when she’s wondering just what’s going on. She’s beautiful, sweet and looks a little tired, but she deserves that and I’m glad you enjoyed a bottle of wine with her. She and I are WAY overdue for sharing a bottle and discussing life…. I’m lovin’ that, and all your work!

Posted by Fawn · via · 130 months ago

Thanks Fawn!! it’s always nice to hear that someone out there like what your doing… I hope you and Holly get to share that bottle soon.

Posted by kelly · via · 130 months ago

What an honor and priviledge to sit for Kelly…she is such a wonderful, unique lady with SO much talent! I don’t believe I have ever sat still that long or kept my mcuth shut for so long!!! It was a fab experience!Thankyou Kelly…and thank you Fawn…soon.

Posted by Holly · via · 130 months ago


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