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Sweetest article ever written about me!!!

While I did the series of portriat sketches at The Art Spirit Gallery in CDA, Idaho, The Coeur d’Alene Press sent Maureen Dolan to do a story about what it would be like to sit for an artist. She just sent me the results. I’m flattered. Thank you Maureen.

Read Maureen’s article in the Coeur D’Alene Press here


5 Responses to Sweetest article ever written about me!!!

aha, so you put on a show when you paint! sounds like a lot of fun.. Yet another Jersey gal..

Hey Kelly,

Snake Momma here. Wow, that was a great article, nicely done you! I like the smirk too. I wanted to fined out how it went with the Carol Anderson class?

Have you move to Jersey Yet? Anymore classes in your future? I love all the portraits; just amazing!

I have a pic of you Leffel and Mcgraw that I’ll be sending you soon.

Cheers, Lisa

Mimi and Lisa – yes, quite a show I’m sure!! I’m in Carolyn’s class now – learning a lot of new concepts, but producing wretched work the past two days. Leaving for NJ on Sunday. Love the group pic Lisa, thanks.

Kelly Girl!

Loved the portrait and the article! Hope your move has gone well and you are relaxing on the Jersey shore!

Hugs, Renanne

Hi Renanne, yes, in NJ – but not quite settled yet – or on the shore. Visiting a lot of family, and headed to the beach soon. I’m excited about the future – and that is a good thing.


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