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Is this political?!!

“Is this political, because I’m disgusted with all politics, I don’t want anything to do with any of them” she said as she wiped her painted finger across the panel. She didn’t get the symbolic nature of the project – the collaboration, the many elements coming together to create something cool, the old working with the new – it was lost on her, despite my efforts to clarify. Her eyes caught sight of the Tom Sullivan for Senate stuff and she refused to sign her name to the work and scolded me for my trickery. She could have simply opened her eyes, but that may have been too broad a view for such a narrow mind. I get it. Politics is ugly, and we see the seediest side of it this time of the year. But politics are also necessary. Someone has to be willing to run our towns, our counties, our states, and our country. If we refuse to look at anyone willing to do the job, the job will get done without any oversight, and that is a scary future. The more honest, hardworking, compassionate and intelligent people we have involved – on all levels – the better of we will all be. The hardships and success of this country are generally the work of many, not the work of one. The good can outweigh the bad – you just need to stand up. If you are not able to stand up, support the ones who are.

We were rained out of the Moscow event but made up for it at a BSU football game. Well, more the pre-game. We went through a lot of orange and blue paint that day but the panels were filled in by happy excited people interested in a better political system (and football). It was cold and raining – but we had a tent this time. I was layered with thrift store sweatshirts but my cold fingers wriggled to keep warm. A few hours with fun fans, and we were back at the campaign office pulling them together.

The trailer headed to Zella’s to pick up the finished centerpiece. Ginny and I worked feverishly to fill out the panels. The project is almost done. Tom and the team will be assembling them for the Boise Rally to Restore Sanity. The kids and I are headed home to vote. Just a few more days…


2 Responses to Is this political?!!

Great points Kelly!

Posted by Reed Sullivan · via · 137 months ago

Hi kelly, if you all are here Tuesday night, come hang at Forage and up above. We will try to monitor results as they come in and we will celebrate in any case! Mary M

Posted by Mary Mullaney · via · 137 months ago


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