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Not So Patient

So much to say…so many thoughts. Love, desire, drive, conflict, family, resolution, conflict, …resolution. Art, waits in the wings, pulsing. Waiting. Not so patiently. No, not so patiently. My motivation and desire for it construed as selfish. So I wait. And I wonder. Selfish?…Is it so?

The telling of it unfolds. For some, it appears to be full of color. For others, it will only read as black. January, for me, holds color. Should I apologize  for those that can’t see it? Perhaps I should, but the doing of it makes my insides ache.

…No. Not so patient. Indeed…


2 Responses to Not So Patient

great thoughts…I think I know just what you mean! It is a battle sometimes!

Posted by Dottie Leatherwood · via web · 123 months ago

Hi Dottie, seems that way. Should be more of a flow – I’ve made some hard changes to encourage flow, and I’m seeing a very positive response from the world and I feel better about life, almost all the time. In general, demanding time for me/art has been a really good choice. But there will always be priorities to juggle, and on that particular day – I just wanted to drop all of the balls. Thanks for your post. Keep up the fight, and hopefully it will turn into a dance… Kelly

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 123 months ago


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