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“Update your blog” he said. “I keep going there to see what’s up and there’s nothing new.”

Life has kicked into high gear, and I’m still futzing with my training wheels.

“Simple Pleasures” was great. Ended the opening evening with 11 pieces sold, and more moving.

Two days later I did a FingerSmear job for Old Navy in Boring, OR. The gig itself was a blast, but most interesting was the entourage of musicians playing with soul legend Boosty Collins at the event. We all met at happy hour after the close of the gig (I love hotel bars), which led to dinner, and a few follow up emails of friendships promised to last. At some point during dinner, I looked around this table of diverse, creative people with lives on the move and considered myself incredibly lucky to be living in that moment, in that place. Always nice when that happens.

My invitation to paint at The Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda,  has been confirmed. I will be there from February 22nd – March 6th, painting my heart out. No worries of food or drink. I’ll be swapping accommodations and libations for one years worth of reproduction rights to whatever I paint on site. I’m excited to see what kind of work comes out of such a unique opportunity.

On Saturday I went to a Christmas party flying solo. I tried to dig up a few interesting artsy friends, but all were previously engaged. I decided to go it alone. At first a bit awkward, but a quick “thanks for the invitation” to the host, led to “let me show you some work” – which happened to be hanging in the bar area, full of  many other interesting people. On the evening went… A little chutzpa pays off, particularly if you can mask it with a bit of grace. Old age and wisdom – good bedfellows.

Walking home last night I passed by a little bistro. I heard live music, an unfortunate rarity in this otherwise really cool little town. The place was packed with seated tables. I stood in the vestibule for a few minutes and listened. I could not see any of the players faces, just their backsides and the way they shifted. They were all playing the same tune, but thier feet tapped in different rhythmic patterns. I thought that was interesting. I smiled, and walked home.

Life is good. It is full. January will see many figures – many faces – played out in piant. I’m thankful, and happy. Thanks for checking in.



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