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Pignoli Nut Cookies

Oh…the deception of a pignoli nut cookie. I’m half Italian, and almost 50, and I’d never had this cookie. I almost passed it up, but for the urging of a cousin who had immediately rationed them, leaving the children off the list entirely. One bite caused my jaw to slow from the sweetness. “Wait, wait,” I thought to myself. “Go slower, roll that around a bit… wow, what is that?? It’s sinful and divine all at the same time! God forgive me… I’m having another!!” Yes, I get this excited about food.

How many other things in life are wrapped up in unassuming packages, seemingly coated by a film of dullness? We run across these packages every day I’m sure. The clerk with the funny eye that I’ve never spoken to; the big lady in charge of selling raffle tickets for the church, the one I’m sure I have nothing in common with. What if they are at all like a pignoli nut cookie…deceptively unappealing at first glance, but rich and luscious on the inside for those that bother to discover? Yes, perhaps even the church lady might be like this. Maybe she serves pignoli nut cookies to her husband on a heavy raffle day. Perhaps she warms him up, and then pulls him in with some titillating conversation, followed by a smokin’ Hail Mary… we can only guess, but the cookie makes me wonder…what else do we pass by thanks to our preconceptions?

I get it. We have to form opinions and profiling is a natural course of any social existence, but these discoveries are precious. I know that I am quick to form an opinion, quick to judge, though thanks to age and experience, slow to comment. That is fortunate, as I have met many that have shot my shortsighted notions to the sand pile – most recently, a pignoli nut cookie…and a belly dancer.


2 Responses to Pignoli Nut Cookies

If I didn’t think you were the most amazingly creative person, hands down in total admiration, I’d be jealous as hell. I LOVE the cookie crumb trail you leave for the rest of us to follow as you dance through the forest of personal discoveries. More, please….

Posted by Diane Pool · via · 128 months ago

Hellooooo Diane! Nice to hear from you. You flatter me. More, please…. just kidding. We need to catch up. I’m still coming to that little island sometime to paint and sit on your sail boat. I’m about to head into a very productive stage of my life – I think – so yes, I will be pleased to give you more.

Posted by kelly · via · 128 months ago


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