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New Keys

It rained last night. The dust had settled, but everything needed a good rinse. It was nice. I’ve made my way through most of the boxes and while there are still holes to fill, I feel very much at home in this 120-year-old house. It’s warm. It feels good. And for the time being, it’s mine.

I have painted only a few times since I arrived on the east coast. A sweet little piece that I posted in my last blog, an awful landscape that will soon become a basecoat for something much stronger, and a great FingerSmear project with a team at J&J. With my home ‘resettled’, I feel a fierce excitement to get busy – and do what I came here to do –paint better, laugh more, and live simply. I still have a few obstacles to work out, but I’m headed in the right direction.

Yesterday I picked up the keys to my new studio. I move my paints into the space on September first. I will be working out of a studio in The Robert Beck Academy in Lambertville, NJ. Robert is a great painter with a generous spirit and I feel blessed to be working under his banner for a spell. It will help to immerse me in the dedicated practice I’ve been looking for. I will bring verve. I hope the results are beautiful. I will surely share them.

AND… I am going to teach!!! I’ll have a bit of guidance in the structure, but the rest is mine to design. It’s wickedly exciting… let me know if you would like to join me.

Kelly Sullivan

Beginning Oil Painting.

Eight-week course on the basics of oil painting open to all levels. Great for beginning and early level painters who want to form a solid foundation of painting skills. Small classes, individual attention, move at your own pace. The course includes basics, such as: describing light and shadow, considering composition, and working with tools, surfaces, and color. Students will paint from life to develop fundamental drawing and painting skills. A great place to start. Oil or Acrylic

2 eight-week sessions:

Wednesday, Sept 14 – Nov 2nd, 9-12

Thursday, Sept 15 – Nov 3rd, 6-9

$375 Contact instructor for further information and supply list. 732.233.5614


3 Responses to New Keys

You have made so much progress already – am I surprised – well….NO! You will be an inspiring teacher and understand the frustrations and excitement of those who will be your students! Oh, and you will be FUN! Give those kiddos a big hug from me! Just fyi – I sold 5 paintings last month! Looking forward to seeing more of your work……

Posted by Ginny Northcott · via · 128 months ago

Wow Ginny – that is great!! I gave the kids a hug and acted like you – they both smiled. And thanks- I think I will be a fun teacher, and it will be fun for me too.

Posted by kelly · via · 128 months ago

You are a nut – a fun loving nut – never change!!

Posted by Ginny Northcott · via · 128 months ago


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