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With a bit of woe

(written the night before my move, but just found a moment to post it)

I pack my boxes and busy myself, verbally repeating my excitement for things to come over and over in my mind. I don’t have to make it up. I mean it. A new start is invigorating, and I’m ready. I’ve packed my schedule so full that the move has crept up and blindsided me – a planned assault of sorts. I sit here now in my living room to-be-no-more, and it’s quiet. The Grand Teton mountains sit still, and for a short moment, so does my heart, and parts of it are heavy. This was not the planned turned of events we dreamt about when we moved here over 7 years ago. This was not the outcome we bet on with our toil. Not the master plan we had designed. But alas, the pot of gold held chocolate coins. Tempting and sweet, but in the end left a bit of litter, and a few cavities.

I leave this majestic place with a sense of renewed excitement, one that I was forced to birth in order to move forward. But it is accompanied by a sadness and loss for the things we grew that thrived, as well as the ones that died. I live in a dream of what could be. I dream big. I challenge myself beyond my comfort zones repeatedly, yet I have never met the expectations of my own imagination, and therefore, fall short, no matter the conquest.

I’m not sure how many more moves I have left in me. I would like to find that sweet spot. No need to be fancy – just full. Full of art, inspiration, and friends. For those I’ve met, admired, and loved in Teton Valley – I am blessed to have passed through – and I thank you. Much love.


8 Responses to With a bit of woe

NO story to go along with the painting?

Here you go pumpkin…

We wish you all the best in your new home, Kelly. You have always met challenges head on, and you will really thrive in the east.
Our door is always open to you and your family if you come back this way.
We are very proud of you!

Love, Elizabeth and Nick

Okay – so the “pot of gold” comments put a big lump in my throat and my eyes got teary….dang you!!!!!! I peaked into the old studio yesterday – yikes! But enough…..

I am going to stay in touch and watch you pour yourself forth into new beginnings – can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!!!!

Love ya,
Hi to the kiddos and Tom xoxo

Ops! I meant to say I “peeked”, not peaked. I haven’t peaked yet!! Ginny

Glad to hear things are poppin! Are you in the house with the wallpaper?

Hope all your upcoming projects go famously. Your creativity and entrepreneur abilities are inspirational.

You go girl!!!

The wallpaper has been removed. We move in on the 15th – very excited.

Hi Kelly
Are you in NJ? I can’t find your contact info…so when you’re done unpacking give me a call. I’d love to see you! I may be coming to Lambertville in the next few weeks. My cell is 908-489-4957. Talk Soon!



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