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Rain, Rain, go away

And the rain came.  Not on the day I prayed for it, but on the day I needed sunshine.  It was Saturday morning and we were due at the Moscow farmers market at 8AM.  It was our last FingerSmearing stop.  Tom and the team were marching in the parade and we were allowed all the propoganda we could hand out.  The education FingerSmear panel was sketched out and the recreation one was already started.  We were planning to rock the voter club house.  An event in Kellogg kept Tom and I out late on Friday night.  We arrived at our hosts’ home close to midnight, set the alarm clock, and slumped into the only version of a ‘temperpedic’ mattress I’ve ever known.  The warm wrap of mattress licked my tired bones and I passed out praying for deep sleep.  I woke up and rallied Ginny and the kids, “one more day, get up, we need to be down there by 8”.  “What, what, nooooooo, can I go back to sleep”, Liam said.  “No, rally.” I left the attic room only to return 10 minutes later with the same set of demands.  “What, you didn’t say to get up” Liam extended.  A few sharp orders and they were fumbling around and downstairs for breakfast.  It was not until I fired up my computer to find the unloading details that I looked out the window.  RAIN!!!! What!?! NOOOOOO!!!! We threw on borrowed rain coats and walked down to the market.  It was still happening, but it was wet, dreary, and cold. There would be no painting in the rain.  Tom still joined the parade along with the strong of heart that turned up, and we headed to the car for the 8-hour drive back to boise.


3 Responses to Rain, Rain, go away

Well said Kelly!

Posted by Ginny · via · 138 months ago

welllll it snowed here.

Posted by philbin de got schulz · via · 138 months ago

I CAN”T wait to see the snow!!! The idea of snow, and cooking, and a fire, and my family all in one place with nothing but time and silence… oh the ecstasy of it…

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 138 months ago


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