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Simple Edits to Simple Pleasures

Wanted more thick paint. While the first attempt is softer, the finished image is more edgy and likely a more suitable ‘self-portrait’.

The red shadow behind the lemon was making it jump forward instead of sit back.

The cup needed a place sit rather than floating in air.  I may have gone too far and am now missing the ocher color in the top ring of the cup…

Felt the piece was too right weighted. I added a shadow cast from something… and lightened the shadow from the leaf and defused the edges as the shadow recedes.

Really needed to lose some of the yellow (sorry Ginny) and give it a surface and a darker background to sit in front of.

Felt like it needed something to sit in front of – may knock down the color a bit still.


3 Responses to Simple Edits to Simple Pleasures

I have mixed feelings about the edits…mostly they work in that they create a very different statement, but I wonder if the definition, the strengths gained, didn’t also lose part of the original charm. I miss the softness of color and simplicity of design that was invitingly suggestive. Specifically, for myself, the original background on the Mason Jar was much better…the new, dark, shadow is far too strong, it draws attention away from your subject. What I do like is that you have added this dimension to the project, that you didn’t just stop with the last one, but continued the learning process. (For all of us!)

Posted by Diane Pool · via · 125 months ago

thanks for sharing these before and after photos. it helps us learn your process and make comparison decisions too. The addition of a simple background definitely makes a painting deeper and more interesting!

Posted by mimi · via · 125 months ago

Hi Diane and Mimi – I had some mixed feelings too – but decided to continue with a few adjustments. For the most part, I am pleased. You may be right about the shadow – perhaps I will knock it down a bit – it does serve to balance the piece and it leads your eye right to the center of the light – but it may be too strong.

Posted by kelly sullivan · via · 125 months ago


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