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The Unthinkable

I have, on occasion, thought I must be mad. I contemplate the unthinkable..shutting out all that seems comfortable and expected, important and worthwhile. I fantasize about a total lack of responsibility, a vintage camper and nothing to direct my focus but beauty and random strangers. I imagine that I’ll fill my time with bursts of creativity. Not only painting, but writing plays and stories, comedy, songs, playing music, and inventing something not yet seen. I think about dancing, alone, or not. I enjoy the unobstructed luxury of pouring myself fully into whatever creative endeavor takes my fancy, and perhaps something brilliant spills out. Attention to diverse endeavors, and the boldness to jack up and fail will produce something more than the predictable five-o’clock uncorking and numbness that seems to wrap up the day. I have a curiosity that seems to be insatiable; therefore I don’t always bother to attempt the quench. But, I’m getting pretty thirsty. My new endeavor… share your thirst.


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…good to find your post again, have missed you and, though it probably calls more to me and my life afloat than to yours ashore, I have this for you to possibly echo and lighten your soul:

after that, their most recent blog posting for an even more thought-filled reading:

…then come visit me. I have a great place for you stay and to do whatever it is you feel inspired to do for the next thirty days…seriously! :-Diane

Posted by Diane · via · 83 months ago

Hello Diane. Always so good to hear from you. I loved both of those blog links. I really like the line about “exploring realms of the senses”. The second blog on growing old and navigating that unknown is also well put. I admire their commitment to live simply and be inspired. AND, my friend, I would dearly love to come see you, and spend a month, but it is more likely to happen in October or November when my children are back in school. I’ll see if I can rent one of those tree houses for $15 a night and bring very little other than my paint, and something to write on. But life is uncertain as you know, and if the opportunity opens up sooner you will be the first to know about it. I have a wonderfully exciting and challenging large commission that will be the focus of my summer in the studio. It’s 12′ tall by 6′ wide. I’ve been preparing for it over the past few months and the real work/play starts next week. I’ll post my progress. Happy sailing to you Diane.

Posted by Kelly Sullivan · via · 83 months ago

Hello Kelly

I’m Drew, also a member of the Lambertville /New Hope meetup arts group. Im going to try to be able to attend the upcoming studio visit and paint workshop. It appears you have done some portraits.

Besides being an artist I am an experienced art model with prior experience posing at art colleges, universities, art centers and art groups.

If you or you know of others who are interested in working with me as a model, please let me know.

Thank you,

Drew McNaabe
Artist. Art model. Performing arts

[email protected]

Posted by Drew McNaabe · via · 79 months ago


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