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Together Again

We pulled up to the pepto-pink-colored two-bedroom condo that serves as campaign headquarters and sleeping space for Tom and the staff.  Not an inch of the small place goes without use. It had been a long drive.  The kids worked to unbury themselves from the rubble they had created around them.  Liam cracked open the door for extra wiggle room and Tom flung himself in with a loud roar. Liam’s screech of panic was followed by a giant leap up to Tom’s arms where he hung for at least 2 full minutes.  Aidan and I had to pry him off so we could get a little lovin’ too.  Tom looked at our motley crew like we were a holiday parade of lights and wonder.  It was nice to be together.  We were allowed 5 minutes of pleasantries before his debate coaches insisted on his return to the mock podiums set up in the living room.  From the second floor I could hear the Crapo impersonator grilling Tom and his convictions.  I thought “holy smokes, that’s scary, you’re not very nice….who is that guy…?” The debate was only one day away and the air was thick.  We understood and gave him space.  After hours of mock debate, Liam told Tom “Dad, you know how if you water your lawn too much it floods and your grass dies, but if you give it some time to soak in and then water it some more, it gets really green…”  Tom got it.  He took up residence on the living room futon, Aidan and Liam snuggled around him in their Tom Sullivan for Senate T-shirts, and I smiled.  The distance is hard – no two ways about it.

Tom’s first debate… the practice paid off, and the grass was green.  By next week it will be lush.

Watch the debate on Idaho Public Television

Wednesday’s top priority for me was to get ready for Thursday.  The next FingerSmear panels for Touching Time needed to be designed, unloaded, sketched, and reloaded for Thursday’s early morning departure for Coeur D’Alene.  It was not until 3pm that most of the staff cleared out for off-site meetings, and we were left with a moment to focus on it. I calculated what I needed to get done, and my head hurt from the pressure of it. Ginny helped move things it forward and by 6 PM we were on the patio sketching images relative to jobs and the environment. By 8 we were drinking wine and eating chili.  The house was quite, and we were ready.

We’re about 30 minutes from CDA now. The beautiful 8-hour drive is almost over.  We’re excited to do our part for a man we already know is a great leader – and dad, and husband, and friend!




5 Responses to Together Again

You drove 8 hours and you’re still in Idaho?? 🙂
I hope you get some time to paint. I also hope your husband wins his election!

Posted by mimi torchia boothby · via · 138 months ago

HI Mimi- yes, and 8 hours back to Boise yesterday. Up and headed to the farmers market for the FingerSmear project this morning. REALLY looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I hope he wins too. Cheers.

Posted by kelly · via · 138 months ago

Hi all! We watched the debate at Philbin’s house and we were bursting with pride! What a great job Tom did. We’re looking forward to the next one. I watched ‘the rest of the debate’ on line and, again, he presented himself very well. He is a leader, I have no doubt about that. Also saw a lot of Liam in the audience, Reed, Ginny, and a little of you. You all looked fab! Keep up the good work, post your finger smears soon.

Posted by Carole · via · 138 months ago

Thanks Carole. He did do an incredible job. The sickening part about it is that the Idaho Statesman – the paper that is theoretically responsible for reporting the ‘NEWS’ to Boise – did not report on it – nothing! They covered all the other debates with broad images and editorial – but nothing in print on this one. How is Idaho suppose to rise above if the “newspaper” in it’s capitol only reports what they want you to hear. How pathetic – and disturbing. We’re all pressing on, and hopeful that social media (they are covering it) will outshine the tired lopsided print that once controlled Boise. Looking forward to being back in the studio Carole, a place where peace reigns and color rules.

Posted by kelly · via · 138 months ago

Hi Again, loved reading about Liam leaping on his dad. Those rehearsals worked, Tom was awesome. Even “the Mister” commented on how great a job Tom did.

Posted by philbin de got schulz · via · 138 months ago


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