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On The Road to Boise

We’re on the road to Boise.  The car is packed with more bags than we need, and few extra space eaters – like two big stuffed bears.  They don’t get much attention at home, but as soon as the packing for a road trip begins, they become very important. They’re awkwardly crammed between the cooler and the back seat.  Before the end of the trip they will be under the largest suitcase in the trunk –but their company seemed mandatory to both kids.  Aidan and Liam have not seen their Dad for almost a month, and the air in the car is thick with giddy nonsense, fake jersey accents, and fart jokes.  Life doesn’t get any better.

We’ll spend a few days in Boise, go to Toms first debate with Mike Crapo, and then head up to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho for the first ‘Touching Time’ FingerSmear stop. Both of our babies were born in Coeur D’Alene, and I have many great memories from the café we ran there for years, as well as a few difficult ones.  It will be nice to revisit that place where Tom and I spent our honeymoon years.  He amazed me everyday.  He could rebuild an engine, wire a room, plumb a house, hang drywall, keep customers happy, and make me feel like a queen…all in the same day. ‘Never a dull moment with tenacious Tommy’… luckily some things never change.

My friend and studio mate, Ginny agreed to hit the road with this silly crew to create art across Idaho in the name of better politics. Before we loaded up the tailor with paint and supplies, we solicited a few “smears’ from friends in our Driggs studio. As with most well intentioned projects, there’s no better place to start then in your own backyard.

We’re looking forward to the adventure.  Most of all, we’re looking forward to being together.


2 Responses to On The Road to Boise

You’re stuck with me!!

Posted by Ginny · via · 138 months ago

Enjoy the ride!

Posted by Karen · via · 138 months ago


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