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Lesson #22 – Painting Moms Barn en Plein Air

Ok – wahoo, let’s get to it.

We spent the day at Katie’s family farm. Katherine Kahrs (Katie) is shooting all of this fun video for us and she’s wonderful! It’s been way more work than either of us anticipated, and she’s a serious trooper. We hope you’re enjoying it so far!


So yes, it surely started raining!

We felt it closing in and packed up the camera equipment quickly, just in time for the skies to open up in a serious downpour. If this happens to you, know that your oil painting can take a few drops of rain. Just let it dry, don’t try to wipe it off or anything. The water will evaporate and your painting will be fine.

Click into the next lecture to compare where we left off before the rain, and how I brought the piece to the finish in the studio.

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