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Lesson #13 – Painting Colored Shapes Demo – Light and Shadow and Value Scale

OK! Now we are really going to paint a little still life.

Find 3- 6 objects of varying shape, color, and value that interest you. Maybe you find a book, a coffee cup, shoes, fruit, a ball, a hat, sunglasses… there are so many fun things out there to choose from. I can’t wait to see what you all put together!

A quick note on the video below.

You will see that I have premixed my colors. Once you have your still life set up, lit, and sketched out – premix a color for the light and a color for the shadow of each object, including the background and the cast shadows. Try to get close, and don’t be at all surprised to find that you may have to adjust most of them. I do it all the time, but it is helpful to have piles ready to go so you can get on with the fun of applying the paint without having to continually mix more color.

We’ve divided the lesson into three videos. Pause it when you need to. Step back and take a look at your work. Breath. Hum along to something beautiful. Let your eyes dance around your subject. Enjoy yourself.

Painting Colored Shapes – Part 1

Painting Colored Shapes – Part 2

Painting Colored Shapes Demo – Part 3

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